Vintage Jewelry Is Forever

Continue to wear our selection of vintage necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for decades to come. Diamonds are not all that lasts forever.

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Classic Bags that Will Stand the Test of Time

From Bottega Veneta to Goyard, these classic styles are worth the investment.

The Spring Updates

Ready to thaw out after such a long, cold winter? Wearing these bags you will soak up the sun’s rays in style all spring long.

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Bags for the Weekend

Booking a staycation in town? Going glamping outside the city? Heading home to family? No matter your destination, these weekender bags will help you get there in style. Shop from the Louis Vuitton Keepall, Prada Boston Bag, and more.


Dream Designer: Louis Vuitton

Though Louis Vuitton originally got its start as a luxury luggage brand, it began designing handbags in 1925. Releasing iconic styles like the Speedy, Alma, Noé, Pochette Accessoires, and Neverfull, it has since become the most coveted brand in the world.

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