At The Vintage Bar, we have luxury jewelry accessories to fit any style. From the conservative sophisticated piece to the over the top bling piece, we have just what you need. Gone are the days of the bare necks and naked hands. Adorn yourself with our vintage jewelry pieces and cause a stir. You can combine multiple designer jewelry pieces for a more stately look or opt for a more simple feel with a single pendant necklace that has a highly coveted lock and key. It is impossible for you to miss the mark with our extensive used designer jewelry selections.

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Sort by Recommended
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  1. Chanel
    Chanel CC Circle logo pendant
  2. Chanel
    Chanel CC Teardrop necklace
  3. Chanel
    Chanel CC logo oval quilted medallion long necklace
  4. Chanel
    Chanel CC logo quilted medallion mid long necklace
  5. Chanel
    Chanel CC unique open chain necklace
  6. Chanel
    Chanel Iconic Chanel Paris necklace
  7. Chanel
    Chanel Interlocking Long Elegant Chain necklace
  8. Chanel
    Chanel flower CC necklace
  9. Chanel
    Chanel long interlocking elegant chain
  10. Chanel
    Chanel long link necklace with CC medaillon
  11. Chanel
    Chanel long necklace with large round CC pendant
  12. Chanel
    Chanel long necklace with small round CC pendant
  13. Chanel
    Chanel necklace with magnifying glass pendant
  14. Chanel
    Chanel raisin ball pendant long necklace
  15. Chanel
    Vintage Chanel CC long necklace
  16. Chanel
    Vintage Chanel large link necklace with CC medaillon
  17. Chanel
    Vintage Chanel short necklace with round CC medaillon
  18. Chanel
    Vintage iconic Chanel CC necklace
  19. Chanel
    Gold-toned Pearl Necklace
  20. Chanel
    Gold-toned CC Pearl Earrings
  21. Gucci
    Interlocking GG Pendant Necklace
  22. 4
    chanel earrings
  23. Chanel
    Silver Chanel Necklace
  24. Chanel
    Chanel Necklace
  25. 1
    Chanel Coco Mark
  26. Chanel
    Chanel Necklace
  27. Chanel
    Chanel earring
  28. Chanel
    Chanel Necklace
  29. 1
    Chanel Earring
  30. Chanel
    Chanel Earring
  31. Chanel
    Chanel Necklace
  32. 1
    Chanel Necklace
  33. 3
    Gold-Plated CC Earrings
  34. Chanel
    CC Star Pendant Necklace
  35. Chanel
    CC Denim Fringe Bracelet
  36. 1
    1895 Diamond Ring
  37. Chanel
    Chanel, Camellia brooch
  38. Chanel
    Chanel, Chain belt/necklace with rhinestone Camellia.
  39. Hermès
    Hermes Pink Cotton Cord Adjustable Bracelet with 2 Studs
  40. Gucci
    Gucci Black Leather Studded Bracelet Size L Never Worn
  41. Gucci
    Gucci Pink Leather and Pearl Chocker Necklace Bracelet Never Worn
  42. Armani
    Emporio Armani, choker necklace with pink and blue stones.
  43. Tiffany & Co.
    Bean Pendant Necklace
  44. Cartier
    18K Pink Sapphire Love Ring
  45. 1
    Apple Watch Leather Band
  46. 1
    C de Cartier Diamond Ring
  47. Hermès
    Clou de Selle Brooch
  48. Lanvin
    Lanvin, Ribbon necklace in metal and ebony.
  49. Hermès
    Clou de Selle Stick Pin
  50. Gucci
    Capricorn Necklace
  51. Hermès
    Enamel Bangle
  52. 1
    Artemis Ring
  53. Chanel
    Gold-toned CC Brooch
  54. 2
    Silver-toned CC Clip Earrings
  55. Hermès
    Enamel Bangle
  56. Cartier
    Vendome Louis Cartier Ring
  57. Hermès
    Move H Ring
  58. Hermès
    Cage dH Cube Necklace
  59. 1
    H Link Epsom Bracelet
  60. Cartier
    C de Cartier Diamond Ring

More about Jewelry

Our selection of designer jewelry pieces include items which are embellished with crystals and rhinestones that feature the designer logos. When you hang a beautifully adorned piece around your neck, there is no mistake that it is the best of the best. 

At The Vintage Bar, we have enamel bracelets from the best design houses in the world. These stately pieces are finely crafted and prominently display the designer logo. The subtle arrogance of these pieces would make anyone stand up and take notice. The used designer jewelry we sell is unmatched and comes with our guarantee of authenticity.

A beautiful silk blouse with a moderately low cut neckline would be a gorgeous companion to a silver oblique logo necklace. If you are feeling dramatic, you could sweep your hair up and flaunt those crystal accented earrings. What a way to accentuate your neckline? The Vintage Bar sells subtle and dramatic luxury jewelry pieces to meet and match your mood for the day. The vintage jewelry pieces are sure to inspire your fashion imagination. Go ahead and indulge yourself and turn the aisle of that grocery store into your own personal runway. Why not? You’re fabulous and you know it.

All of the time pieces we sell are guaranteed 100% authentic. You know you are getting the real thing with us.