Balenciaga Bags

Balenciaga's reputation for haute couture with artistic flair is unrivaled and imbues Balenciaga handbags with the bold genius which characterized the brand's founder. From the days when Cristobal Balenciaga garnered reluctant praise from Christian Dior for his masterful technique to today's edgy collections inspired by global cultures, Balenciaga bags profit from the daring creativity for which the house is known. With the brand now at the zenith of its global popularity, clients worldwide strive to get their hands on Balenciaga handbags at any price.


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  1. 7
    Brown Calfskin City
  2. 4
    Pink Lambskin Giant 21 City
  3. 2
    Black Lambskin Part Time
  4. Balenciaga
    Black Lambskin Business Handbag
  5. Balenciaga
    Pink Lambskin Giant 21 Work
  6. 3
    Pink Lambskin Giant 21 City
  7. 2
    Pink Lambskin Giant 12 Part Time
  8. Balenciaga
    Green Lambskin Giant 12 City
  9. 8
    Black Lambskin Giant 12 Town
  10. 3
    Black Calfskin City
  11. 1
    BALENCIAGA Everyday XS Camera Crossbody Bag
  12. Balenciaga
    Quilted Black Leather Shoulder Bag
  13. 16
    City Bag Black
  14. 5
    Giant City Bag Beige
  15. 2
    Logo Tote
  16. 1
    Balenciaga Cable Shopper Tote in Fuschia Calfskin Leather with leather strap
  17. 1
    Touch Puffy Quilted Leather Bag
  18. Balenciaga
    Balenciaga Le Dix Cartable Top Handle Bag in Red Calfskin Leather
  19. 3
    Bazar Striped Lambskin Clutch
  20. 1
    Balenciaga Motocross Giant 12 Envelope Crossbody Bag in black Lambskin leather
  21. 5
    Balenciaga Mini Motocross Twiggy Crossbody Bag in black Lambskin leather
  22. 1
    balenciaga Clutch bag in hammered leather with logo black
  23. 2
    balenciaga Neo classic mini top handle bag in black
  24. Balenciaga
    Tote N-S S in Grey Grained Leather
  25. 5
    Neo Classic City Nano Bag in Yellow Crocodile Effect Leather
  26. Balenciaga
    Tote N-S S in Grey Grained Leather
  27. Balenciaga
    Neo Classic City Nano Bag in Yellow Crocodile Effect Leather
  28. Balenciaga
    Tote N-S S in Grey Grained Leather
  29. 5
    Soft Hour Should M Bag in Brown Leather
  30. 3
    Soft Hour Should M Bag in Brown Leather
  31. Balenciaga
    balenciaga Neo Classic Mini Top Handle Bag in python printed calfskin
  32. 3
    balenciaga Hourglass shoulder bag croco embossed beige
  33. On sale
    Beige Lambskin Town
  34. On sale
    Grey Lambskin Sunday
  35. On sale
    Black Lambskin Twiggy
  36. 1
  37. Balenciaga
    Clutch Bag 224851 in Beige
  38. 5
    The First 2 Way Shoulder Bag 103208 in Purple
  39. 2
    Padlock Mini All Afternoon 2 Way Shoulder Bag 319499 in Pink
  40. Balenciaga
    Shoulder Bag 272409 in Green
  41. Balenciaga
    Clutch Bag Second Bag 443522 in Beige
  42. Balenciaga
    Second Bag Clutch Bag 390174 in Black
  43. 5
    Part Time Light Olive Brown
  44. Balenciaga
    Motocross Day Leather Crossbody Bag
  45. 21
    Part Time Light Blue
  46. 20
    The First Brown
  47. 7
    City Giant Bag Green
  48. 21
    The First Dark Grey
  49. 3
    BB Satin Shoulder Bag
  50. 2
    Handbag Hourglass S in Pink Shiny Embossed Croc Leather
  51. 1
    Neo Classic City Nano Bag in Yellow Crocodile Effect Leather
  52. Balenciaga
    Tote N-S S in Grey Grained Leather
  53. 5
    Handbag Hourglass XS in Green Shiny Embossed Croc Leather
  54. 4
    Handbag Hourglass XS in Pink Leather
  55. 4
    Soft Hour Should S Bag in Beige Leather
  56. Balenciaga
    Tote N-S S in Black Grained Leather
  57. Balenciaga
    Balenciaga Clutch Bag Second Bag
  58. 8
    City Light Pink
  59. Balenciaga
    Mini Boston Bag in Brown
  60. Balenciaga
    Backpack 453212 in Black

More about Balenciaga Bags

Nothing is sexier than the lived-in yet eye-catching Balenciaga motorcycle bags, particularly when paired with a carefree attitude and sharp street style. Assembled from soft leather and detailed with antiqued rivets, Balenciaga motorcycle bags have a relaxed feel and hit a purposefully vintage aesthetic while avoiding ostentatious logos and otherwise unsubtle attempts at overt branding. Colorful leather construction is not limited to the motorcycle collections; other Balenciaga handbags such as the Hourglass and Sharp models use various hues in combination with quilted or embossed calfskin that mimics more exotic animal leathers. Perfect for a more polished look that stands out in any environment, the Sharp and Hourglass purses come in several sizes and feature a clean metallic logo on the front flap as a finishing touch. 

Of course, the most playful collections of Balenciaga bags are the mini bags, which push the limits of contemporary surrealism with models in the form of tiny shopping bags or crossbody Balenciaga handbags designed to hold a single cell phone. Popular variations of mini bags also include the brand's wallets on chains, meant to be worn as a crossbody for an ultra-chic minimalist look perfectly suited for going out at a moment's notice. These smaller bags also give a chance to display bold, eye-catching hardware that adds a touch of glamour to an otherwise simple style. Other models find reinterpretation through Balenciaga; a sophisticated version of the fanny pack, the designer belt bag is a gorgeous way to finish an outfit and adds instant style whether worn around the waist or draped over a shoulder. 

The enduring appeal of vintage Balenciaga bags is only enhanced with age and a well cared-for purse can continue to delight for decades. No matter the size or shape, Balenciaga bags provide practical and beautiful style for every one of life's demands. Given the house's rich, dramatic legacy, Balenciaga bags elevate everyday ensembles with the finest craftsmanship and highest quality Spanish haute couture has to offer. With its ability to take any fashion lover from day to night and everything in-between with ease, consider a classic Balenciaga purse as an investment you won't want to pass up.