Chanel Wallets

Despite their size, Chanel’s wallets are big on style and feature all the house’s famous signatures. They are crafted in its full range of materials (from Caviar leather to tweed) and often feature its iconic quilted stitching and ‘CC’ logo.

Available in many different sizes, you are sure to find one that suits your needs. 


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Sort by Recommended
  1. Chanel
    Chanel Matrasse
  2. Chanel
    Long CC Bi Fold Wallet in Black Calf Leather
  3. Chanel
    CC Logo Long Wallet in Lilac/Black Calf Leather
  4. Chanel
    Bi-Fold Wallet in Pink Calf Leather
  5. Chanel
    Paris New York PNY in Gold Calf leather
  6. Chanel
    Long Zip Wallet in Pink Calf Leather
  7. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  8. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  9. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  10. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  11. 1
    Chanel Wallet
  12. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  13. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  14. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  15. Chanel
    Chanel Matrasse
  16. 1
    Chanel Cambon
  17. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  18. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  19. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  20. Chanel
    Chanel -
  21. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  22. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  23. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  24. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  25. Chanel
    Chanel V-Stich
  26. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  27. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  28. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  29. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  30. Chanel
    Cambon Ligne Lambskin Long Wallet
  31. 3
    Caviar Leather Wallet
  32. Chanel
    Matelasse Caviar Leather Coin Pouch
  33. Chanel
    Matelasse Caviar Leather Coin Pouch
  34. 4
    Caviar Leather Card Holder
  35. Chanel
    CC Leather Long Wallet
  36. 1
    Chanel Wallet
  37. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  38. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  39. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  40. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  41. 1
    Chanel Zip around wallet
  42. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  43. Chanel
    Chanel Wallet
  44. 1
    Chanel Wallet
  45. 1
    Camellia Lambskin Leather Flap Wallet
  46. 2
    Le Boy Lambskin Leather Long Wallet
  47. Chanel
    Leather Bifold Wallet
  48. Chanel
    Camellia Zip Around Leather Small Wallet
  49. Chanel
    Caviar Leather Wallet
  50. Chanel
    CC Caviar Leather Wallet
  51. Chanel
    Caviar Boy Long Wallet
  52. Chanel
    Icon Long Wallet
  53. Chanel
    Wild Stitch Leather Small Wallet
  54. 4
    CC Timeless Caviar Leather Small Wallet
  55. 1
    Cambon Ligne Lambskin Leather Wallet
  56. Chanel
    Matelasse CC Lambskin Leather Wallet
  57. 5
    Bi-fold CC Timeless Caviar Leather Small Wallet
  58. 1
    Camellia Leather Long Wallet
  59. Chanel
    Bi-Fold Timeless Reissue Leather Long Wallet
  60. Chanel
    CC Timeless Lambskin Leather Wallet on Chain

More about Chanel Wallets

If you are looking for something compact, shop the Chanel Card Wallet. Featuring only slots for your debit cards and ID, it will force you to throw out all those unnecessary receipts. Sleek and thin, it is best for your mini and belt bags. 

If you are looking for something larger, shop the Yen Wallet. A long bifold, it has space for every form of payment. Unfold it to multiple slots sized to hold cash, cards, and receipts and a zipper coin pouch. Notice it is even lined in burgundy – a color chosen by Coco herself because it matches the uniform she wore, when she grew up in a convent. Carry the Yen Wallet with your transparent bags, so you can show it off. 

If you are looking for a wallet that can fit more than just your methods of payment, shop the Chanel Wallet on Chain (or WOC), which resembles a sized-down Flap Bag. It opens to six card slots, partition slip and zipper pouches, and a flap zipper pocket. Though wide enough to fit an iPhone and one tube of lipstick, it is still slender. Featuring the threaded chain strap typically reserved for bags, it can be worn crossbody. Carry it on your nights out on the town. No matter its color or material, it will look great with a LBD (created by Chanel in 1926) and pumps. 

Regardless of which model you choose, it will quickly become one of your go-to favorites!

Chanel’s wallets exude the refined elegance the house is known for and make a great first purchase for those looking to start their Chanel collection with a more affordable piece. Depending on their size, material, and condition, our Chanel wallets are priced between 250 and 765 €. So, you can shop pre-owned and get the look for less! 

Searching for a style that is not yet in our stock? Sign up for its waitlist, and you will be the first to know when we have it. Because, as said best by Coco Chanel, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”