Gucci Bags

Despite Gucci's long history as a creator of leather goods, the double "G"s and signature red and green web have carried the brand well into the twenty-first century with great success and worldwide renown. Gucci bags reflect this reputation for cutting edge designs and bold branding, celebrating the house's vivacious Italian roots while representing a new international crowd of trendsetters who very publicly patronize the brand on every social media platform.


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  1. Gucci
    Sukey PM in Beige/Brown Canvas
  2. Gucci
    Sukey Top Handle PM in Black Calf Leather
  3. Gucci
    Top Zip Tote Bag in Gray Calf Leather
  4. Gucci
    Medium Abbey Tote in Beige/Dark Brown Canvas
  5. Gucci
    Monogram Hobo in Red Canvas
  6. Gucci
    Britt Boston in Beige/Brown Canvas
  7. 1
    Vintage Web Shoulder Bag in Beige/Brown Coated Canvas
  8. 1
    Hobo in Black Canvas
  9. Gucci
    Front Pocket Tote in Beige/Brown Canvas
  10. Gucci
    Princy Boston Bag in Dark Brown Calf Leather
  11. Gucci
    Large Bamboo Backpack in Black Calf Leather
  12. Gucci
    Medium Messenger Tote in Beige/Red Canvas
  13. Gucci
    Braided Handle Hobo in Black Canvas
  14. 1
    Japan Exclusive Joy Boston MM in White/Black Coated Canvas
  15. 1
    Jacquard Tote in Beige/Ivory Canvas
  16. Gucci
    Sukey Flap in Black Canvas
  17. Gucci
    Structured Zip Tote in Red Canvas
  18. Gucci
    Front Pocket Messenger in Black Canvas
  19. 2
    Abbey Hobo PM in Beige/Brown Canvas
  20. Gucci
    Canvas Handle Tote in Beige/Brown Coated Canvas
  21. Gucci
    Gucci Plus Web Tote in Beige/Brown Coated Canvas
  22. Gucci
    Large Web Handle Tote in Beige/Brown Canvas
  23. Gucci
    Sukey PM in Beige/Brown Canvas
  24. 1
    Vintage Front Logo Camera Bag in Brown Coated Canvas
  25. Gucci
    Abbey Hobo PM in Beige/Dark Brown Canvas
  26. Gucci
    Messenger Crossbody Bag in Beige/Pastel Yellow Coated Canvas
  27. Gucci
    Small Bucket Tote in Beige/Black Canvas
  28. Gucci
    White Leather Shoulder Bag
  29. 2
    Jolicoeur MM in Beige/Brown Canvas
  30. Gucci
    XL Shopping Tote in Silver Canvas
  31. 3
    Top Handle Zip in Beige/Brown Canvas
  32. 1
    Horsebit Drawstring Hobo in Black Canvas
  33. Gucci
    Front Pocket Tote in Black Canvas
  34. Gucci
    Front Slip Pocket Messenger Crossbody in Black Denim Canvas
  35. Gucci
    Abbey Monogram Shoulder Bag Beige
  36. 3
    Monogram Jackie Shoulder Bag Large
  37. 2
    Monogram Tote Black
  38. Gucci
    Abbey Hobo PM in Dark Brown Calf Leather
  39. Gucci
    Signature Top Handle in Black Canvas
  40. Gucci
    Joy Messenger in Beige/Brown Canvas
  41. Gucci
    Accesory Collection Tote in Beige/Brown Coated Canvas
  42. 1
    Web Jolie Tote in Beige/Yellow Canvas
  43. Gucci
    Abbey Hobo Diagonal Line in Beige/Ivory Canvas
  44. 1
    Vintage Shoulder Flap in Beige/Tan Coated Canvas
  45. Gucci
    Hasler Horsebit Hobo in Beige/Ivory Canvas
  46. Gucci
    Gucci Plus Web Tote in Beige/Brown Coated Canvas
  47. Gucci
    Sukey in Beige/Brown Canvas
  48. Gucci
    Supreme GG Shoulder Bag
  49. Gucci
    Abbey Boston in Pink/Ivory Cavans
  50. Gucci
    Leather Handbag
  51. Gucci
    Gucci Beige/Red GG Canvas & Leather Mini Top Handle Bag
  52. 4
    Gucci Satin Vintage Mini Bag
  53. 2
    Leather Snakehead Bamboo Handbag
  54. Gucci
    Gucci Shiny Leather Box Bag
  55. Gucci
    Off White Leather Metal Bamboo Handbag
  56. 2
    Gucci Metallic Bronze Boston Speedy 30 Bag
  57. Gucci
    Monogram Canvas Shoulder Bag Black
  58. Gucci
    Monogram Nylon Tote Black
  59. 6
    Monogram Jackie Shoulder Bag Black
  60. 1
    GUCCI Jackie Hobo

More about Gucci Bags

While nearly everyone recognizes the classic green-red-green pattern of Gucci's preferred webbing, the GG Diamante patterned canvas is equally ubiquitous and flaunts its presence on a majority of vintage Gucci bags as well as newer Gucci purses. While the most popular choice for Gucci handbags is the traditional beige/ivory combination with brown leather detailing, the Diamante pattern is also available in a variety of other colors for Gucci bags including a refined black on black that looks great when used on a professional suitcase and a navy and gray version that is perfectly suited to a petite crossbody. 

No one can accuse Gucci of being subtle, and Gucci handbags reflect this tradition of embracing glamour. The iconic bamboo handles that were introduced in the 1940s remained a playful symbol of the brand. Adorn vintage Gucci bags as well as newer Gucci handbags, running the range from opulent white ostrich skin handbags to the sleek and elegant Nymphaea model. The practical yet stylish fanny pack is a favorite find among vintage Gucci bags and has been reincarnated by the brand multiple times since its heyday in the 1980s and 1990s. With a double pouch and multiple colors of leather detailing, the Gucci version of this cult classic has a certain cool factor that allows the Gucci fan to wear their dedication on their hip. Those looking for simple yet emblematic Gucci handbags for everyday wear can pick up a classic boat Pochette model or can rely on any Ophidia design as a perfectly dependable Gucci purse.

With the perfect Gucci purse dangling from your shoulder, there is never an excuse to be a wallflower as every piece exudes confidence that can't help but transform any ambiance from dull to glam. Gucci bags have represented the best of celebrity flair since the days of Hollywood and enjoy a prestige bestowed only upon those who have earned the admiration of generation after generation. Whether walking down the red carpet with a dazzling Gucci purse in hand or navigating city streets with a drawstring sack on the back, Gucci bags add an air of drama to any occasion and remain a prize for every collector of vintage designer goods.