The Vintage Bar is a premier online destination for pre-loved luxury pieces for the fashion conscious shopper. The Vintage Bar offers an unparalleled collection of authenticated bags and accessories with new arrivals every day.

Since its establishment in 2017, The Vintage Bar has curated pre-loved, luxury fashion for Scandinavia and beyond. At The Vintage Bar, we aim to offer an unparalleled selection of authenticated luxury. Our buyers travel the world to hand-select the most exclusive pieces, and our brand experts inspect and assuredly guarantee them. With a focus on not only craftsmanship and authenticity but also affordability and transparency, we strive to make high fashion more accessible..

We price each item competitively – at up to 60% off its retail price. Recognizing that many of them are still investment pieces, we provide our customers with comprehensive brand guides with insider knowledge on our process. We aim for everyone who shops with us, whether online or in our showroom, to make an informed purchase that they feel confident in. With new finds dropping every week, we look forward to offering you the finest selection of pre-loved bags, clothing, and accessories..



The ugly, unignorable truth: fashion is one of the top-polluting industries. With climate change at the forefront of concern, shopping secondhand is the best way to consume sustainably. At The Vintage Bar, pre-owned is the new luxury. We collect and resell pre-loved bags, clothing, and accessories that are of high quality and ready to be loved by someone else. With the help of our customers, we can keep pieces in circulation, extending their lifespan and alleviating the industry’s impact on the environment.


At The Vintage Bar, we are committed to providing an enjoyable, risk-free shopping experience. Purchasing pre-loved luxury online can be intimidating, and it can be hard to assess whether or not pieces are genuine. Empathizing with our customers’ concerns, we provide a 100% guarantee of authenticity on everything we sell. To combat counterfeits and protect your investment, our team of brand experts meticulously inspects each item by hand. We only sell pieces we would proudly wear ourselves, so you can complete your order with confidence.



Cleaning out your closet? Our Consignment Service is here to make selling pre-loved luxury items easy, safe, and enjoyable. Tell us about the piece you do not want anymore, and we will help you sell it through our consignment service. Not only will you make space in your closet and earn money for your next designer piece, but you will also ensure it continues to be loved by someone else. We take care of everything: price setting, authentication, product photography, description, shipping to buyer, etc. Start consigning today and earn up to 75% back on the purchase price of items you no longer use. It's easy, fast, and conscious.


Want to shop our collection in-person? Our dynamic showroom is located in Copenhagen’s city center and is open by appointment so you can enjoy one-on-one service. Personalized for every customer, our showroom never looks the same. Our customer experience associates tailor it according to your taste, wants, and needs so you can find your dream piece – whether you already knew it was or not.