Chanel as an investment

Chanel is one of the most expensive brands in the luxury market. Increasing the price of its bags at least one time every year, they have become even more unattainable for many fashionistas. Shop secondhand, so you can get the look for less and even sell your bag for a profit in the future!

Need a reason to buy yourself a Chanel Bag? Don’t look any further. In a world where financial markets and having a good look at your assets is a big part of the private economy, investing your money in a luxury bag is maybe not your first thought or need. But considering the last years increasingly value at luxury goods and (especially!) Chanel bags, investing your money in this kind of high-end consumer goods may be worth a second thought. 

The fact is that the Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag which has become synonymous with the brand, has according to a study made in 2016, increased in retail price every year since 1955. From the beginning the classic bag was sold for around $255 and today a new one will land on a price around $5000. Not even once has the price on the classic bag dropped or depreciated, even if it for some years was unchanged. You could say that since the price remains or increases, investing in a Chanel bag is safer than investing in the stock market (which could be like a rollercoaster ride).


Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images


Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

The reason behind the aggressive price increase


The reason for Chanel's price increases are, as they explain it themselves, production costs and price of raw material, but inflation also plays a big part. But why should you invest in a Chanel bag right now? The first reason is that they will probably never be so cheap as they are at the moment, if you look at the historical price increase. Secondly, the craftsmanship behind every bag is worth it all. Things you have to take in consideration are the uncountable time the makers have to pay to the small details on every bag, sourcing the right material, the handcraft behind every little stitch, while relying on different know-how and technical skills. In the Chanel factory it takes up to five years of training before an employee could master each of the stations, from cutting to quality control. And how much time does it take to produce one bag? Up to 18 hours, involving 15 different persons. Chanel are combining craftsmanship at the highest level with a strong and clear marketing strategy, which makes their luxury goods even more desirable and gives the products an extraordinary value for years and years to come.


Price increases could be frustrating, in terms of saving up for years to buy a dream bag. But, does an investment in a Chanel bag has to be so expensive? The answer is simple: no, it does not!


In the same pace as the price for luxury goods has been increasing, so has the market for buying this kind of items second hand or vintage. It’s not a question that the rising prices on luxury products has opened up this market, and also made luxury bags available for more people from all backgrounds and stages in life. So, we have three strong arguments for why you should invest in a Chanel bag, and why it should be a pre-loved one. 


Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images


Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Pre-loved bags are generally cheaper

Yep, not rocket science, but still important. A lower price point gives you the opportunity to actually buy a bag that it’s a bit outside of your comfort zone. Maybe a pink or blue one? Or the one in tweed that you saw three years ago and can’t get out of your head? A cheaper price range also leaves room for not buying the original one and instead be a little bit more extra. 

You have more options

As a matter of fact, buying a vintage bag could give you even more options than buying it retail. Of course, you could purchase the classic ones, but you can also buy two (or more) seasons old limited-edition bags. Just because you buy from the pre-loved market it doesn’t have to be boring, it could be even more fun!


hoto by Christian Vierig/Getty Images


Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images

It makes the world a little bit greener

The most important thing we can do is to be kind to the climate. We all know how a new produced bag (or item overall) affects our climate in terms of how much water and chemicals that are being used in the production process of new products. Everyone can not do everything, but everyone can do something, so therefore (be an eco-warrior!) and buy yourself a pre-loved Chanel bag instead of a new one.


Investing in a Chanel bag may seem like a huge thing (and it is!). Chanel is something extra and a decision you should excogitate wisely. But the most important thing to bring with you, a Chanel bag today aren’t just an accessory that you change after one season, instead it is a timeless and classic investment for yourself and a heritage to carry over to your future generation. As Coco Chanel herself said:” Fashion fades. Only style remains the same”. You won’t regret it. 

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