Hot Summer Nights

It’s summer, it’s hot and you’re going out for the night – what are you wearing? We know, something from this edit! It has everything from shorts and skirts, to nice tops and dresses, not to mention colorful accessories of all sorts.

It’s hard to believe that the wait is almost over and sunny days and mojitos on the beach are just ahead! 

Apart from overpacking your suitcase with an army of tiny bikinis, the all-important SPF and colorful shades, you can’t forget your wardrobe for when the sun goes down.


One aesthetic that Tik Tok has been raving about in preparation for summer 2023 has been mermaidcore and it’s definitely less Little Mermaid and more seductive siren.

Blumarine was amongst the first to jump on the wave, creating a darker, more dangerous re-telling of the beloved story in their SS23 collection.                                             

With an overwhelming amount of videos on the wet hair look, glossy sea-shell reminiscent eyeshadow, dewy skin and the seriously seductive siren eye, the only thing left is to figure out the outfit.                                                    

Luckily you have this edit to help you out with achieving that perfect, just emerged from the water, iridescent fantasy for your night out. 

Sheer Perfection

The barely there, nude illusion dress has been here since the dawn of time (aka Marilyn Monroe’s 60s) all the way to Carrie’s iconic DKNY slip dress she wore to her first date with Big. What about today?

Sheer materials have been the go-to fabric in countless sultry, ethereal creations we found ourselves obsessed with from Coach to Nensi Dojaka and Di Petsa.

Since Instagram has finally decided to lift its ridiculous ban on female nudity we see this as a cause to celebrate, but remember, the amount of skin you want to showcase is up to you!

If going sans bra is not your thing, we advise you to pair your sheer fabrics with a bra or top that matches your skin tone.                                                     

And if this is still too risque, there is no reason to panic, just layer your sheer pieces over or under your outfits, this will add texture and dimension to an otherwise boring look.

Crochet Chic

If you ask us, crochet has become less of a trend and more like a staple we dig out of our closets as soon as temperatures start climbing. 

Plus, a crochet cover up is the perfect choice for an effortless transition from a day on the beach to a night at the bar. Just throw on some shoulder-skimming earrings or layer on a few bracelets and you’re ready to go!

The versatility of the knit dress is why we catch ourselves reaching for it, available in simple black and white, neutral beiges and browns to every shade of the sunset in bright orange, yellow and even dusky purple - there is an option for everyone!

The knit craze has blessed us with crochet bikinis, dresses, tops and co-ords galore and if you’re feeling extra productive, a fun pastime could be DIY-ing your own take on the trend.

The year of the Maxi skirt

While 2022 may have been the year of the extremely mini mini skirt, for summer 2023 we are letting our hemlines sweep cobblestone streets and sandy beaches alike. 

A floor length dress doesn't necessarily mean your new tan won't be on display, a slit or a cut-out version can bring the flair you are looking for.

Personally, we think there is nothing like dancing to an ABBA song with a long dress or skirt to twirl around in.

If you still feel hesitant to let go of all your micro skirts and LBDs, we won’t hold it against you!

A fun leggy display will let your strappy sandal or sky-high platform shine even more.

In Full Bloom

Flowers for summer? Groundbreaking - maybe a little, considering the surprising form this trend took, with the corsage and other 3D versions of the style reigning supreme in place of a simple floral print.  

And yes, this is also a Carrie Bradshaw approved look, who could forget the whimsically oversized floral designs she was sporting while hopping around Manhattan?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to 3D florrettes, this design has been blooming on and off runways since the fall 2022 season and we spotted some major inspo on the streets of Copenhagen during the Fashion week in February. 

The OG flower power spokesperson was Coco Chanel herself, introducing the now iconic Chanel Camellia over a hundred years ago! 

You can pin your favorite flowers to your vest, jacket or skirt just like the Sex and the City heroine or wear it as a statement choker necklace.


You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you feel like hitting the town for a fun night out, a simple pants and top combo might be the best recipe for success.

As much as this writer hates to admit it - the low waisted jean is here to stay - so if you’re ready to bare your midriff it's time to put on your best 2003-chic denim and dance the night away. This is also the perfect chance to add a belly chain to spice up your look and you don’t need to look further than Chanel’s classic golden ones.

On the other hand, if a utility-style cargo pant might be more your style, a classic army green can be paired with white or black tank while a more elevated version can be easily achieved with a corseted top. Everyone from Bella Hadid to Rihanna have put their own spin on this surprisingly pragmatic combo - a great way to break up an earthy ensemble like this is with a bold colored heel!

Back to the future

All that shimmers might not be gold so it's a good thing we are head over heels for silver this season instead.

While metallics are obvious choices for Christmas and New Year Eve’s parties, there is no reason why a cool metallic look couldn't be worn during hot summer nights.

In the trend’s inception, the visionary Paco Rabbane celebrated silver with huge platelets and glittery fabrics, this time designers have been exploring a more clean,refined, foil-like material which gives an even more futuristic feel and can look out of this world when done right.

This means even minimalistic looks can be pulled off with this eye-catching color, trust us, you don’t want to miss out on seeing your metallic outfit reflected under gleaming club lights!

You can opt for a mini dress or top meaning the shoes or bottoms can be toned down;this look does not require a lot of accessories but best to keep it silver-toned if you are thinking of adding some.

Written by Leonarda Babic
Leonarda Babic is a fashion writer based in Copenhagen
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